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Bottom Up! Independent Culture and Its Impact on Politics and Society - TEH MEETING 74

27–30 September 2012

Gothenburg, Sweden | Röda Sten Art Centre & Konstepidemin



Independent culture can be a powerful lobbying force in political discourse and in various processes of change such as urban planning. it is unfortunately not always on the agenda. Through a number of workshops and interactive presentations at this meeting, we will investigate and develop new, far-reaching methods and approaches aiming at creating an impact on audiences, policy-makers and the public. This may involve mobilizing advocacy campaigns, learning about public policy and decision-making or how to use artistic expression as a means of attract public attention. All these action initiatives come from the Bottom Up, instead of from the Top Down, where free culture must adapt to the decisions made from above. Through examples and lively discussions, the conference will illuminate the value of culture. It will also inspire independent cultural operators to engage in direct action.

Participants will be welcomed at Konstepidemin on Thursday 27th September, where the registration, Introduction Meeting and Working the Net will take place. An art exhibition opening will take place in the evening as well as a welcome party at Konstepidemin.

Friday and Saturday will be spent at Röda Sten, where the days will be filled with workshops, presentations, action groups, lectures and some relaxing by the riverside.

A TEH Plenary Session, replacing the TEH General Assembly, will take place on Saturday 29th September.


1. Go to the meeting registration.
2. Contact hotel to confirm your room. If you need cheaper accommodation, contact before you register!
3. Go to the workshop registration, where you can read all about the workshop programme and leaders and sign up for workshops. You will be asked to choose one session on Friday and one on Saturday. Workshop spaces are limited, so make sure to register for your favourite in time!

Deadline for registration to TEH Meeting 74, hotels and workshops is 7th September.

For questions about the meeting, please contact TEH Office Manager Marian Söderholm: or +46 (0)766 18 90 99.



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