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Conference: Opening the Boundaries of Citizenship

06 - 07 February 2012

Milton Keynes, UK | Faculty of Social Sciences, The Open University


The Open University is pleased to invite you to the first six-day Symposium 'Citizenship after Orientalism' that will include the Conference 'Opening the Boundaries of Citizenship', an International PhD School 'Tracing Colonialism and Orientalism in Social and Political Thought', and a series of workshops addressing specific topics on critical new ways of conceptualising citizenship.

Keynote speakers: Judith Butler (University of California, Berkeley), Paul Gilroy (LSE); Bryan Turner (CUNY), Engin Isin (The Open University)

International PhD School Conveners: Ian Almond (Georgia State University), Roberto Dainotto (Duke University)

The first Symposium traces contesting political subjectivities aiming to discuss what are deemed appropriate political forms of struggles. This question seems most relevant today, in light of the contemporary re-articulation of orientalist and colonial projects, the increasing popular discontent towards renewed exclusionary logics, and the contested meanings of democratic politics beyond territorial and territorialising states and nations.

Through its components, the Symposium aims to explore what it means to open up the boundaries of the concept of citizenship, engaging with the tensions that put both the exclusionary features and the democratic potential of citizenship at the centre of debates:

How are people imagining and enacting citizenship across boundaries?
How can we give an account of other ways of being political?
Which political practices have been rendered inarticulable as political by exclusionary ideas of citizenship?
How can we understand citizenship not merely as a status, but as a practice that asserts different modes of belonging and appeal to the right to claim rights?


Promoted by:

the European Research Council funded project Oecumene: Citizenship after Orientalism based at The Open University


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