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The Role of ICT in the Design of Informational and Cognitive Processes

22-24 October 2014

Lisbon, Portugal  | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa


The conference is promoted by EUTIC, a European and interdisciplinary research network on issues and uses of information and communication technologies. The Symposium is to be held October 22-24, 2014, in Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal.

The richness and diversity of contributions allow multiple reflections and the possibility to enhance international cooperation. Experts, as well as all of those interested in the area, are invited to analyse and discuss together key topics around the theme:The role of ICT in the design of informational and cognitive processes. EUTIC network has welcome new members over the years that have added new contributions and perspectives. However, it has always maintained its initial objectives of discussing the role of ICT in relation to change and transformation in organisations, society and culture. 


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