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Built Heritage 2013: Monitoring Conservation Management

18-20 November 2013

Built Heritage 2013: Monitoring Conservation Management


In the framework of the 150th Anniversary of the foundation of the Politecnico di Milano, of Center for the Conservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage organizes an international Conference to discuss new frontiers about the conservation and enhancement of Built Heritage.
This conference brings together university researchers, professionals and policy makers to illustrate and discuss the most pressing issues concerning the conservation of archaeological, architectural and urban landscapes. In particular, the main goal of the conference is to discuss multi-disciplinary researches on complex Cultural Heritage sites, ranging from archaeological ruins, historical architecture and centers. General and thematic discussions on architectural and archeological Heritage are both encouraged, by taking into account the different points of view of researchers who are engaged in the enhancement of knowledge and practice, and professionals in charge of safeguarding.

Keynote speakers will present case studies representative of challenges and solutions adopted for the analysis, conservation and management of sites.

The main topics of the Conference are:
• multidisciplinary approach for complex case studies;
• cutting edge technologies for surveying, representation and imaging;
• cutting edge technologies for material and structural diagnostic;
• development of risk assessment and protection systems;
• new methodologies for intervention, preventive conservation and maintenance;
• sustainable management, fruition and promotion of built heritage;
• development of guidelines and best practices.


Papers about the main topics of the Conference are welcome. A 500 word abstract should be submitted by 15.03.2013. Selected papers will be accepted as oral or poster presentations by 15.04.2013. The accepted papers will be included in the online Conference Proceedings, for which a 4-8 page contribution should be submitted by the 15.07.2013.
Full papers for the Postprint volume edited by Mc Graw-Hill, should be submitted soon after the Conference and will be accepted after peer review. The Postprint volume is expected in April 2014.


• 1st Call for Paper: 30.11.2012
• 2nd Call for Paper: 15.01.2013
• Abstract submission deadline: 15.03.2013
• Notification of acceptance: 15.04.2013
• Paper submission for online publication: 15.07.2013
• Opening conference registration: 30.07.2013
• Deadline for early registration: 30.09.2013
• Conference Day #1: 18.11.2013
• Expected Postprints by McGraw-Hill April 2014


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