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Conference: Building National museums in Europe 1750 - 2010

30 March - 1 April 2011

Bologna, Italy | Aula Prodi, Complesso San Giovanni in Monte


The building of national museums enables nations and states to claim, negotiate, articulate and represent dominant national narratives with regard to politics, culture, science, and their internal and external boundaries. The creation of national museums should therefore be explored as an integral part of the historical and contemporary processes that drive the dynamic foundation of nations and states.

This conference draws on a comprehensive set of national reports exploring the museum-making process in European states to pose a set of comparative questions. The main comparative themes will be the role of the active agents, the challenges that they faced and face, the visions manifest in their strategies, the integrative thrust of the museum structure (centre-periphery, state-nation), and the consequences of museum-making in relation to the of states and national identities.


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Building national museums in Europe 1750-2010 is the first in a series of conferences organized by the three-year research project "Eunamus: European national museums: Identity politics, the uses of the past and the European citizen".


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