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Conference: ICOFOM Conference: The Dialogical Museum and the Visitor Experience

23 - 26 October 2011

Taipei and Kaohsiung | Taiwan


 Taipei and Kaohsiung, TaiwanTaipei and Kaohsiung, Taiwan

During the nineteenth century, the role of the museum in relation to the visitor was reconceptualised and it was in this period that the museum emerged as an institution that, in addition to scholarship, collection and exhibition, worked on the formation of a national citizenry. Under the impact of vast social change, dialogism has appeared a most useful approach for museums as they have sought to reinvent themselves in a world where cultural authority is regarded with suspicion. In the rush to modernise museums, dialogism has sometimes been understood as relating to the promotion of one-to-one dialogue, as if between two speakers, with the museum being in conversation with visitors. This is clearly a very limited understanding of dialogism.


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