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Conservation: Cultures and Connections

15-17 May 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark | National Museum of Denmark


The Interim meeting of the ICOM-CC Theory & History WG Conservation: Cultures and Connections will take place at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.

The conservation profession is in a unique position to create or facilitate connections within society, both on national and international scale, linking cultures across continents and across time. Conservators are engaged with colleagues internationally as well as members of allied professions; a conservator is capable of connecting to individuals and collections in many different ways. The interim meeting for the Theory & History Working Group (directly following the CiNC conference (<>) will be an opportunity to present papers on issues of central importance to the working group.


Topics could include:

- The impact of cult on conservation
- Conservation treatments or personalities and their impact on cultural history
- Historical and contemporary approaches to ‘Artist’s intent’ and conservation
- A new understanding of cultural heritage encompassing both nature and 'man made legacies'
- The complexity of tangible and intangible cultural heritage
- Conservation priorities in western and non-western cultures


Authors interested in presenting a paper should submit an extended abstract (500 - 800 words) by 1 September 2012. The work must be original and not previously published. Contributions should be in English and include the contact information for the author(s) (affiliation, address, telephone, fax and e-mail). All abstracts will be reviewed by the Review Committee based on three criteria: originality, quality and contribution to the field of conservation. Abstracts will be reviewed and approved by 1 November 2012. Selected authors will be required to submit a complete paper by 1 February 2013 for publication of the conference proceedings on the working group’s website. Proposals for posters for this event are also being accepted. Please submit a 500 word abstract by 1 December 2012.

Please submit abstracts via e-mail to


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