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Debate on Europe: The Non-Consensual Society

14 March 2013

London, United Kingdom | Royal College of Art


The Royal College of Art promotes an international conference in cooperation with Goethe-Institut London, in order to discuss the following issues: What forms a community today and how does one community relate to other communities and to the larger construction of society? Can the strengthening of common values, shared identities and even emotional connectivity enable us to link to transnational policy and agreement? The plea for community does not seem to be able to solve the problem of how different agendas, beliefs, and fundamental disagreements, can be acted out. The legislative framework significant for the organisation of society does not provide the ground for affective relations. Is it possible that community is in fact the shared experience of alterity that defines our very being in common? And if so, what does this mean for the organisation of societies?

The panel will include Paul Gilroy, English Department, Kings College, London; Chantal Mouffe, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Westminster; Richard Sennet, Department of Sociology, The London School of Economics.

The Conference will take place on Thursday 14 March 2013, 7-8.30 pm, at Royal College of Art (15–25 Howie Street, London SW11 4AY).

This series of debates taking place in several European capitals is an initiative of Allianz Cultural Foundation Berlin.
Admission free, booking required. For more information and booking please contact cca-bookings(at)


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