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Europe (to the power of) n: How to Perform Disagreement

15 March 2013

London, United Kingdom | Goethe-Institut London -  Royal College of Art


The conference opens with an introduction by the Artistic Director of Europe (to the power of) n Barbara Steiner. This will be followed by a panel discussing what it means to curate exhibitions collectively and how exhibition structures might reflect agreements and tensions between different points of view.
The event is chaired by the London Curator of Europe (to the power of) n, Kit Hammonds. After a short film screening there will be a second panel discussion, chaired by Barbara Steiner, looking at how artistic positions might be read differently depending on the socio-political context in which they are shown.

The Conference will take place on Friday 15 March 2013, 1pm at Goethe-Institut London. Admission free, booking required: info(at)

A related film event, 'Unity in Difference', will be taking place in the evening at the Royal College of Art. film programme (7–8:30pm). The film programme, curated by Florian Wuest, will be followed by a conversation with Ruth Noack and the launch of 'The Europa Triangle' by Kit Hammonds.

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