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European Narratives

24-26 September 2015

Krakow, Poland | Institute of European Studies, Jagiellonian University


The interdisciplinary conference “European NarrativesEurope and the European Union in the 21st Century as Political, Social and Cultural Constructions” will be an opportunity to exchange opinions on the subject of the multidimensional transformation process of Europe and the European Union. We believe that every public representation of the “European Narrative” contains a particular aspect of reality, open to interpretation but also forming the basis for the construction of discourse which may bring genuine results.


Conference Topics

  • Narratives and rhetoric types for the integration/disintegration of Europe in the context of the political and economic crisis – the discourse of the past and future of the European Union (including Eurosceptic, Eurorealist, Euroenthusiast, crisis and post-crisis, political-institutional, social dynamics and change, nation-centric, federalist, post and transnational, cosmopolitan, normative, axiological, futuristic, civic);
  • The process of political, social and cultural change in Europe (Europeanization, its contexts and representations);
  • Central Europe – the construction in reality, the imagined construction;
  • European heritage, its cultural transmission and construction;
  • The architecture and discourse of security in Europe (common security policy in the context of contemporary threats);
  • The European legal space – directions for development, current debates and controversies;
  • European identity at the crossroads: migration and the crisis of multiculturalism;
  • European democracy, its actors and imaginations – at the level of civic associations, urban movements and local, regional, national and European federal government;
  • The crisis of social trust and the crisis of the political legitimacy of integration;
  • The evolution and devolution of European institutions.


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