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From Borders to European Integration

18-21 October 2012

Berlin, Germany


The Seminar is promoted within the context of the project “From Borders to European IntegrationItineraries from Yesterday to Today”, funded by the "Europe for Citizens Programme". The project aims at bringing citizens of Europe to reflect on former and actual borders in Europe. How and why did the EU integration process take place? How can this show us relevant and creative ways to address existing borders on our current European territory? What were the short-comings of the EU integration process and how can we insure these do not occur for future EU enlargement?

The 15-months project features four seminars in specific urban settings (Berlin, Skopje, Warsaw and Tirana) where local and international participants from six different countries of Europe (Albania, Germany, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland and Romania) will engage a dialogue and discuss various themes related to borders such as urban exclusion, ghettoization, multiculturalism, physical borders, social exclusion and linguistic barriers. Participants will mirror past and present in each of these four urban settings.
The project addresses the EU integration process by appreciating its outcomes and consequences on its citizens' daily lives:
1. historical issues such as self-centrism, dictatorships or human rights violations that were successfully addressed over time, partly or fully thanks to the EU integration process
2. current social challenges perceived as short-comings or side-effects of the EU integration process, which could be addressed in the near future through a strong commitment of public authorities, CSOs and citizens

Coordinating organisation: European Intercultural Forum e. V.
- Beyond Barriers (Albania):
- Humana People to People in Latvia (Latvia):
- Association for Progress, Education and Lobbying (Macedonia):
- Polish Robert Schuman Foundation (Poland):
- Associația de Tineret Cultură și Educație “Speranța Râmniceană” (Romania):

The project will promote the following actvities:
- Seminar in Berlin (18-21 October 2012) with focus on borders and multiculturalism
- Seminar in Skopje (dates to be defined, February 2013) with focus on urban exclusion and minorities' rights
- Seminar in Warsaw (dates to tbe defined, April 2013) with focus on ghettoisation processes and multiculturalism
- Seminar in Tirana (dates to be defined, June 2013) with focus on active citizenship and disabilities
- Publication of a booklet (September 2013) gathering testimonies, positions and impressions about the four visited towns by the participants

Each seminar will gather 25 participants (10 internationals and 15 locals) with diverse background and experience during 3 working days. As outcomes of each seminar, the participants will produce articles and graphic elements to express their impressions and opinions about the discoverings they did visiting the town. These testimonies will be gathered into a brochure as a guided tour into four capitals of Europe in relation with the EU integration process. 


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