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Global Reach, Local Touch. How Streams of Culture are Shaping our Futures

18-22 September 2013

Tallinn, Estonia | Sokos Hotel Viru


The 19th SIETAR Europa Congress will be held in Tallinn, Estonia, on 18-22 September 2013. The working theme of the 2013 Congress is Global Reach, Local Touch: How Streams of Culture are Shaping our Futures, promoting the need for inclusionary thinking, the valuing of diversity and the synergistic performance of people working together across the globe - reflecting the reality of our everyday lives. As with all SIETAR Congresses, it will be a great opportunity to learn new skills, stay abreast of recent research and new trends in cultural field, network with other interculturalists, exchange ideas, share experiences, and draw public attention to issues related to interculturalism.

Similar to the previous events there will be closed meetings, committee meetings and plenary sessions. Once again the participants will have a chance to discuss the most important issues, new research data and exchange ideas. Tallinn, one of the most beautiful cities in this part of Europe, is a dynamic and radiant city that features stunning architecture and a vibrant cultural life. In 2011, Tallinn was the European Capital of Culture.


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