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ICOM 23rd General Conference

10-17 August 2013

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Cidade das Artes, Barra da Tijuca


ICOM’s 23rd General Conference will be held from August 10–17, 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The theme Museums (memory + creativity = social change) will be investigated through presentations and discussions among international scholars and museum operators. The mathematical equation inspiring the Conference suggests that the focus of museums on the possibility to promote change arises from a composition between creative freshness and the memory constructed and entrusted. Behind this equation there are numerous individuals strengthened each day: professionals and especially the public, full of aspirations, acting as engines of this movement. It is the memory activated by creativity in the museum environment reverberating in the society and promoting social change.

In addition to administrative meetings of ICOM’s Executive Council, Advisory Committee and General Assembly, the conference will include plenary sessions, technical visits, and specialized sessions hosted by the International Committees.

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The theme of ICOM-CC’s session will be “The ‘value’ of conservation in the 21st century”. Conservation departments in museums, government ministries, and universities are everywhere under scrutiny by administrators seeking to cut costs by reducing, reorganizing, or completely eliminating them. This session will focus on the value of conservation to society–how it is perceived and measured and how conservation professionals can influence the public perception of conservation through their actions and through better communication.

Papers (up to 20 mintues) are sought which explore this topic by addressing the following questions:
• What is the perceived value of conservation to society?
• What effect does the conservation of cultural heritage have on society at large?
• What standards or benchmarks can be used to measure the value of conservation to society?
• How much are governments/the public willing to spend on the conservation of cultural heritage and why? What can conservation professionals do to increase investment in the conservation of cultural heritage?
• In what ways can conservation professionals affect the perceived value of conservation through communication with our peers and/or public outreach? How can conservation research assist in better understanding the value of conservation?

ICOM-CC members are encouraged to attend ICOM’s 23rd General Conference for the opportunity to meet and exchange information with a gathering of the world’s museum professionals, as well as to experience Brazil’s stunning cultural and natural heritage.

Museum professionals, including but not limited to those working in conservation, are invited to submit abstracts of up to 200 words related to the theme of the ICOM-CC session to Joan Reifsnyder, Secretary, ICOM-CC secretariat(at) by March 15. Submissions should include a title, author(s), institutional affiliation, corresponding author’s email address, and 200-word abstract in English.
A panel consisting of ICOM-CC Chair Lisa Pilosi, Vice-Chair Vinod Daniel, and Directory Board member Johanna Maria Theile will select papers for presentation by the author(s) at ICOM-CC’s session in Rio. Authors will be notified by April 30. Selected abstracts will be posted on the ICOM-CC website.

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Within the general conference theme “Museums (memory + creativity) = social change”, CAMOC conference sessions will explore “The Role of Urban Revitalisation in Generating Social Capital”, that relates to CAMOC’s other joint projects, “Insight Favela – Museum of Favela” and “Live from Rio: Revitalization as an Engine of Growth”, respectively. (12-13 August)

CAMOC will also be collaborating with different partners for different joint projects at ICOM Rio 2013.

The cooperation between CAMOC and ICLM (International Committee for Literary Museums) will focus on the exploration of the theme “CITY TEXTureS: Reflecting the City in Literature and Museums”. It will be investigated through meetings and events at the ICOM conference venue and at the Rio Botanical Garden. This collaboration will encompass the majority of the presentations during our conference. (13-14 August)

Together with MINOM–ICOM (International Movement for a New Museology) and the Favela Museum, CAMOC will be developing the project “Insight Favela – Museum of the Favela” which consists of a day of observations, interviews and recordings in the Pavãozinho Favela. (15 August)

CAMOC and the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro
CAMOC will also collaborate with the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro for the project “Live from Rio: Revitalization as an Engine of Growth”. The project involves a tour of the Porto Maravilha urban regeneration site, with contributions from urban architects who have developed the official plan and from city hall representatives. (15 August)


In order to gather the contribution from international scholars and practitioners, CAMOC launched a Call for Papers focused on three main themes.
2. Museums (memory + creativity) = social change
3. The Role of Urban Revitalisation in Generating Social Capital

CAMOC invites short five-minute papers (Ignites) and longer 15-minute papers, which will be allocated in the programme according to the available time slots.
If you would like to contribute to the debate, send proposal of up to 350 words, accompanied by a 100-word biography by March 15, 2013 to: Marlen Mouliou secretary(at)

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