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ICR 2015: “Regional Museums and the Forging of Identities in a Multicultural Society" - call

19-23 October 2015

Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel


ICOM's International Committee for Regional Museums (ICR) is organising, in cooperation with ICOM Israel, ICR 2015 Annual Conference, to be held in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel, on 19-23 October 2015.
The conference will focus on the theme “Regional Museums and the Forging of Identities in a Multicultural Society”.

As the nations of the world progressively develop into multiethnic and multicultural societies, regional museums should reflect on the role they can play in this process. Whether or not their host nations are developed or developing countries, museums must consider how they can aid in satisfying their public’s needs and desires for multiple and varied identities. The ICR Israel 2015 Conference will address this broad area in relation to the concerns and activities of regional museums, launching an open call for proposal regarding, in particular, the definition of identities in multiethnic/multicultural societies, the effect tensions between traditional societies and the modern global society have on viable identities, the role regional museums play and the strategies they must adopt in so complex processes.


Deadline for Abstracts:
An abstract of 200-300 words, a short biographical note and contact details must be submitted to ICR Secretary Jean Aase at by 15 May2015.

Presentations of Papers:
Presentations are limited to 15 minutes and must be delivered in English.
Authors of successful papers must submit a written version of their presentation by 1 September 2015.

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