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INTERCOM CONFERENCE 2012: #museumchallenges

25-29 November 2012

Sydney, Australia | The Australian Museum

Museums have always operated in times of change, yet the challenges and pace of change over the last five years has been unprecedented. Globalisation, environmental issues and climate change, relationships with Indigenous and creator communities, diversity of audiences, different employee mindsets, new skill sets, new media and technologies and the global financial crisis, have placed increasing pressure on the ways museums are managed and led.
#museumchallenges, INTERCOM’s 2012 conference, will address these issues using a mix of conference/meeting formats designed to encourage conversation, learning, intellectual stimulation and exchange of ideas.

We warmly invite all interested to send in proposals to present either a 20 minute paper OR a 10 minute case study.
Your proposal should relate to the overall subject of museum challenges and address one of the following themes. Case studies should address one of the themes, highlight the work of an institution, address a research project or demonstrate a best practice model.

  • Critical thinking, communication, visual literacy, collaboration and openness to innovation are some of the skills that will help the community to face the challenges of the 21C. How can museums embrace, support and develop these skills?
  • The changing nature of audiences and learning require new models of museum management and programming to address changing needs
  • Managing for the future may require new ways for museum professionals to behave, think and act
  • What does a museum leader look like in the 21C? What skills are needed to succeed?
  • What leadership and skills are required to pilot museums in the Pacific Rim into the future?
  • Issues of sustainability and preservation are emerging for Pacific Islander heritage, how will museums work with creator and Diaspora communities to provide a trustworthy and credible solution?
  • Human rights and democracywhat roles can museums play across our region?
  • What threat does climate change pose, particularly in the Pacific RimWhat leadership roles should museums take to preserve culture in times of disaster?
  • What capacity building and training is required in our region in the future
  • The Global Financial Crisis and museumswhat does this mean in terms of visitation, loans, exhibitions and exchange?
  • Workshops, conversations and exchange around the theme of management and leadership and the changing face of museum employees:
  • Museum careerswhat are the emerging professions and what professional development is needed to move into a changing future?
  • New modes of working, moving around the sectorbeing a contractor, how to be mobile, working in project-based teams
  • Management tensionscurrent leadership generation vs. new generation
  • Proposals should be no more than 300 words. Please also include a short biography of 200 words.
  • A written paper needs to be preferably before the conference to be published online.
  • All papers must be in English.
  • Candidates will hear from the INTERCOM organisational committee by beginning of July if they have been selected.
  • Please send your proposals to by 15 July 2012.
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