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International Workshop: Great Historical Narratives in European Museums (1750-2010)

29 June - 1st July 2011

Paris, France | Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art


Great historical narratives in European museums (1750-2010): Building Nations, Looking across Borders and Remembering the Past

The “national novel” or roman national has become an everyday expression, establishing itself, in a sense as a lieu de mémoire of its own. As the French face the challenge that it poses for the museum, this workshop will consider its place in national museums across Europe. How can it be read in terms of display- is it a story or is it to be recognized behind a strong idea or principle guiding the museums general presentation of collections, images and various forms of information? Can the museum itself be considered as an author –through the individual voice of the curator or the collective one of the organization – and how may it be related to academic historiography but also to national and international politics? How does its “narration” negotiate with the results of the disciplinary practices that it represents (history, archaeology, ethnology and art history), to provide a popularized approach that remains up to date with the latest research? Finally, how decisively can its narrative contribute to the construction of memory and inspire the representation that every nation has of its own culture?


Organized by :  
The Department of Art History and Archaeology, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Prof. Dominique Poulot / Eunamus


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