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Je suis Européen!

6 June 2015

Amsterdam, The Netherlands  | DeLaMar Theater


Who is European? And what does it take to be a European? The current European Union is based on the illusion that the market will unite Europe. This leads to an existential crisis, with the EU resembling a house without a foundation. What kind of policy should the European Union embrace to reverse the anti-European spirit? How can we create a more confident Europe – a Europe that is more than an economic vehicle or a museum of past glory?

A future for Europe is feasible when based upon a united Europe; upon a revival of the cultural-moral awareness that transcends race and faith; upon an ideal of civilization that may inspire millions of citizens to speak up with passion and conviction, saying in their own language: Je suis Européen! – Soy europeo! – Ich bin ein Europäer! – Jsem Evropan! – Ik ben Europeaan! – I’m a European! – Jestem Europejczykiem! So that eventually we will be able to say: Nous sommes des Européens! – We are Europeans!.

The Symposium is promoted by Nexus Institute (Normal tickets € 35, Member tickets € 25, Youth ticket € 20).


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