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Mapping Conceptual Change in Thinking European Borders

3-5 July 2013

Bergamo, Italy | University of Bergamo


The University of Eastern Finland, in cooperation with the University of Bergamo, is promoting the first general
Conference of the EU-FP7 project EUBORDERSCAPES1. The event will be organised as a joint event in conjunction with the FP7 project EUBORDERREGIONS.
The Conference is intended to present on-going research activities within these two large-scale international projects to the wider public and to make a constructive contribution to the debate within border studies opening up a dialogue with scholars external to the project who are contributing to pushing conceptual, methodological and empirical research on borders and border crossings forward. However, the Conference does not aim to merely gather together researchers and academics who work in the issues of borders, but also social actors, policy-makers, practioners, institutions and interested parties that are directly (and daily) involved in borders issues, implementing projects and solving problems, providing therefore a broad and multidisciplinary discussion. This will be done in line with policy relevant aspect of the EUBORDERSCAPES and EUBORDERREGIONS projects that involve different levels of political and economic agency and a variety of social spheres.


Call for Papers

The organisers particularly encourage submissions of papers in the following themes:

- Conceptual Change and the State of the Debate in Border Studies
- Post-Soviet Borders and Conceptual Change
- Europeanisation: European Integration and Conceptual Change
- Post-Colonial Bordering and Euro-African Borderscapes
- Borders and Critical Geopolitics of Neighbourhood
- Cross-Border Cooperation as Conflict Amelioration
- Rebordering State Spaces: Cities, Borders and Integration Processes
- Borders, Intersectionality and the Everyday
- Border-Crossing and Cultural Production

Only proposals for individual presentations will be accepted. Accepted papers will be grouped as panels according to topic rather than academic discipline.
Please include the following information in your proposal:
• Name, title, affiliation, mailing address, telephone number and email address;
• Title of presentation;
• Abstract (not to exceed 250 words)

Scholars willing to serve as moderators or discussants should indicate their interest in the proposal.
Please send your proposal via email in Word format to:


Call for Posters

Apart from paper presentations, you can participate in the conference with the display of a poster. During the
conference, posters will be exhibited at the conference venue, for conference guests to study at their convenience. In order to participate in the poster exhibition, please submit your poster abstract in accordance with instructions above. A limited number of posters will be accepted.


A Summer School will be organized in conjunction with the Conference. PhD students and young researchers will have the opportunity to listen to keynote speeches and senior researchers presentations during the Conference bringing their contribution in the discussion afterwards. A workshop is being prepared specifically for PhD students and young researchers who wish to share and discuss their research with other colleagues working in the same field of border studies. Those PhD students and young researchers interested in joining this session can submit an abstract specifically for this workshop, where they will have a chance of presenting and discussing their current research. In accordance with their specific geographic and thematic angle, for each presentation a senior discussant will be assigned. Please send your proposal via email in Word format to: indicating clearly that you wish to present in the Summer School session.


Key dates

Deadline for submitting abstract proposals: March 28, 2013
Notification of abstract acceptance: April 10, 2013
Registration payment deadline: April 30, 2013
Submission of papers to discussants: June 7, 2013


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