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Matchpoints Seminar 2012: Conflict in Memory

10-12 May, 2012

Aarhus, Denmark | Aarhus University



Conflict in Memory: Interpersonal and Intergenerational Remembering of War, Conflict and Transition 
An interdisciplinary conference


War, conflicts and transitions have always played a significant role in defining communal identity, often with reference to events that happened centuries ago. The role of passing on collective memories of these types of events has become even more complex in a globalizing world, where new configurations of cosmopolitan memories challenge more locally and nationally based memories. The many aspects of societies’ remembering and forgetting call for interdisciplinary cooperation.
This conference brings together the fields of history, psychology, literature, and cultural studies and presents new research on how memories of war, conflict and transition are passed on from generation to generation and how these processes transform and shape identities.



  • Negotiating National and Cosmopolitan Memorie
    Organised by Stefan Iversen and Mads Rosendahl Thomsen
  • Psychological Approaches to Interpersonal and Intergenerational Remembering
    Organised by Annette Bohn, Celia Harris, and Jonathan Koppel
  • Narrative Templates in Representations of Conflict and Civil Warfare
    Organised by Hans Lauge Hansen, Francesco Caviglia, Leonardo Cecchini
  • Memory, Identity and Social Cohesion: Commemoration and Intergenerational Memory of War, Conflict and Crisis
    Organised by Michael Böss



The purpose of a MatchPoints Seminar is to create dialogue between Aarhus University and the surrounding society concerning subjects of wider societal interest. Therefore the seminars will be open to the public. Moreover, it is characteristic of a MatchPoints seminar that the speakers at these seminars rank among the most highly esteemed national and international figures in the field and subject that the seminar is focused on.



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