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Migration und Mobilität/Migration and Mobility

3-5 July 2014

Köln, Germany | University for Applied Sciences/Fachhochschule Cologne


Migration and mobility are often perceived to be and discussed as different phenomena. Migration tends to refer to labor migration, especially from non-European countries, third countries, or in regard to refugees and asylum seekers. Mobility tends to be used in talking about internal European migrations, and in particular migrations inside the EU, as well as more generally, migration by more highly qualified individuals. This points up the fact that questions of migration and mobility are always also bound up with relations of power and domination. In the current context of global financial crisis, environmental catastrophes and violent military conflicts, the question of distinguishing between migration and mobility has gained in importance.

In the conference, the relations between migration and mobility will be analyzed and discussed from various interdisciplinary and international perspectives and in different contexts. Among other topics, this involves questions concerning the limits of migration and mobility, social mobility, migration and its everyday aspects, theoretical and historical perspectives, empirical investigations, institutions and social practices, forms of communication and networks, social milieus, styles of life, constructions of identity and cultures of memory (exhibitions, museums, public space).


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