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Museum Ethnographers Group Conference 2014

7-8 April 2014

Aberdeen, United Kingdom | University of Aberdeen


The Museum Ethnographers' Group annual conference promotes an investigation of the theme 'CollectionsCollaboration and Communities'.

Museums now embrace opportunities to work with a range of communities and to develop a variety of partnerships. Recent research has also re-conceptualised the relationships between objects and between objects and people. This conference will explore how museum collections can inspire and benefit from a range of collaborations, and the opportunities brought by different disciplinary perspectives. Issues to be considered could include:

What are the results of the ways that collections are understood, curated and interpreted differently?

What are the different ways in which different disciplines engage with communities - and what can be learned from them?

Can the 'relational museum' offer ways of reconceptualising relationships with communities?

How can these specialisms collaborate and increase the uses of collections?

How can collaborations help rejuvenate and develop collections without specialist curators?

Can partnerships with originating communities benefit other communities?


A 'work in progress' session is also planned for up-to-date information on current and on-going projects; this may relate to any field of museum ethnography not just this year's conference theme (informal 5-10 minute presentations are required).

Papers from the conference may be considered for publication in the Journal of Museum Ethnography published annually by the Group.

For further information or to propose papers or sessions contact:
Neil Curtis, King’s Museum, University of Aberdeen, Old Aberdeen Town House, High Street, Aberdeen AB24 3EN, Scotland.


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