European Commission - 7th Framework Programme European Museums and Libraries in/of the age of migrations last updated: February 2015

MuseumNext 2014

18-20 June 2014

Newcastle, United Kingdom


MuseumNext is one of Europe’s biggest conferences on innovation in museums.
The event brings together delegates from around the world to discuss 'what’s next?' for the museum sector; how can we adapt to changing audience expectations and how is technology changing the museum?
This year conference is aimed at investigating four key trends:

Happiness: What role does the museum have in improving the well-being of their audiences and society as a whole? What are museums doing to deliver happiness?

Access Anywhere: Audiences increasingly expect access to information anywhere. How are institutions taking their experiences beyond their walls and what role does technology play in this?

Datashaped: Museums and their audiences are creating more and more data. How can this be used to create better experiences and shape the museum of the future both online and o ine?

Personalisation: Audiences increasingly expect experiences which are tailored to them. How are museums moving beyond one size ts all to accommodate the di erent needs of individuals?

The promoters look favourably at proposals for a fifteen-minute session, that push the boundaries, turn convention on its head and use technology for a positive impact. All presentations should deliver thought provoking insight, showcase innovative ideas or projects, revealing ‘how to’ or even sharing stories of when things have gone wrong. At the end of each session delegates should be able to take away knowledge that they can apply to their own work.


Submiting a proposal

To improve the quality of presentations at MuseumNext, the promoters are requesting that rather than sending a lengthy written proposal everyone who may be interested shares a short video in which they discuss their presentation. This should be 3 - 5 minutes long video, which can be shot on a smartphone, webcam or digital camera. Videos should be uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube and secured with a password if the author does not want it to be public. The videos are for ‘internal use’ and won’t be shared publically by MuseumNext.

To submit a proposal, send a link to the video, along with:
- The title of the presentation
- Name or names of those presenting
- Organisation/s
- 100 word summary of the presentation
- Relevant links
- What delegates are expected to learn from the session.

The proposal should be emailed along with the names and contact details of those who will make the presentation or workshop to no later than November 15th 2013. An international peer panel will consider all proposals; the decisions will be communicated by December 15th 2013. One person from each presentation will receive free entry to MuseumNext.