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Museums and Human Rights

8-10 October 2012

Liverpool, United Kingdom | International Slavery Museum

DEADLINE: 30 June 2012
It is 5 years since the opening of the International Slavery Museum. In that time, the view has become more widespread that museums should play an active role in fighting for human rights, and there are now many museums around the world that are active in this field.
In this conference we want to consider the ways in which museums have made progress, or not.
We wish to look at recent and current examples of progressive work, in terms of combating gender and ethnic inequalities, discrimination and other human rights abuses.
Call for papers and proposals
We hereby invite you to submit proposals for case studies, presentations under the above theme. You can submit proposals for case studies, research papers, workshops and poster sessions under any of the above themes. Proposals should be around 300 words and in addition you are asked to submit a short biography of about 200 words.
All papers must be in English.
Send your proposal to
Deadline is 30 June 2012.
Bursary Scheme
FIHRM runs a bursary scheme with the aim to allow a number of museum professionals to participate in the conference that would otherwise not be able to due to lack of funding.
You can apply for two types of bursary:
  • Full bursary: covers full travel and accommodation and subsistence costs.
  • Partial bursary: up to £500 towards flight and accommodation