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Museums in the 21st Century: Re-thinking the Museum Experience

1-2 December 2014

Tongeren, Belgium  | Gallo-Roman Museum


The Gallo-Roman Museum invites: Dr. John Falk. More than ever the public is central to the role of the museum. And yet we are still missing out on opportunities to improve the quality of the visitors' experience. How can museums develop a long and meaningful relationship with their visitors, today and in the decades to come? This will be the central question of the conference which is open for anyone working in management, education and communication in the museum and heritage field. Students of education, cultural studies and museology are welcome.

For years now 'The Museum Experience' has set the standard for every museum professional. In the recently updated version John H. Falk and Lynn D. Dierking provide new answers to old questions such as: Why do people visit museums? What influences how visitors interact with exhibits? What do people remember from their visit? In what promises to be an inspiring lecture John H. Falk will explain how museums can put all this knowhow to work in order to develop the best possible relationship with the public. The optional master class, jointly given by John H. Falk and Lynn D. Dierking, offers room for discussion and further reflection. Falk and Dierking are world authorities in museology and ‘free-choice learning’. Both are associated with Oregon State University (US) and are the authors of numerous publications.


The conference and master class will be in English. There is room for 120 participants on day 1 and no more than 40 on day 2. Day 2 participants agree to attend the talk on day 1 and to read (sections of) the Falk and Dierking publications. These will be provided digitally on registration.

Please note that places are limited. The deadline to register is Friday 21st November.


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