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Outreach Europe

17 April 2015

Randers/Aarhus, Denmark


Outreach Europe is a European project funded by the European Union Culture Programme and the project partners, that are GAIA Museum Outsider Art (Denmark), Elderberry AB (Sweden) and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (UK). It aims at developing extensive mapping and research on European museums' educational methods in their surrounding communities, by investigating how museumsgalleries and cultural institutions across Europe engage with an audience beyond the traditional means of outreach.

Much evidence suggests that cultural participation helps communities’ engagement; it enables better well-being and broadens social and cultural diversityIf outreach is embedded in the core of organisationsrather than provided by project funding with a limited life, it will create sustainable power. Instead of relegated participation at the margin of the strategic development, this is an opportunity to mainstream the work and refocus on longer-term impact and solutions.

Outreach Europe will look at how best to work with groups that are often overlooked in outreachinclusion and volunteering opportunitiesincluding:

Disabled people (physical disability as well as mental health issues)
Elderly people with health problems and dementia
Ethnic minorities – non-native speakers
Homeless people

Outreach Europe will organise a conference in spring 2015 in Randers/AarhusDenmark.

The aim of the conference is to facilitate the beginning of a new approach for development of outreach processesKeynote speakers and participants will inform on and discuss what might work and what might not; identify the underlying cultural issues that might be at play and the means to overcome these and look at case studiesFurthermore, the conference will provide a platform for networking opportunities and collaborations across Europe.

More information on the conference will follow.


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