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Rethinking Museums and Sustainable Development for the Global Profession

21-25 October 2014

Hanoi and Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


ICOM-ICTOP (International Committee for the Training of Personnel) has announce it will hold its annual conference in Hanoi and Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. It will be an intensive Professional Development Program in partnership with ICOM Vietnam, Vietnam Ministry of Culture and Tourism, ICOM MINOM, and the International Institute for the Inclusive Museum with the support of the ICOM Asia Pacific Alliance.

Applied heritage workshops will include:

Museums and Gender Mainstreaming
Planning for Growth – City Museums
Ecomuseology and Sustainable Development
Ethnology Museums in Southeast Asia
Interpreting Legacies
Art Museums and Aesthetics


The recent debates on rethinking museums and collections are challenging hegemonic notions of museology and the conventional approaches to capacity building in museums. Further, questions of museum development world-wide, professional development, and future appropriate directions are yet to be addressed either in ICOM or other circles.

Questions re: Professional Development.

How is your professional offering addressing questions of sustainable development within the context of museology/museum studies?

What would you like to learn or offer in order to reflect inclusive, regionally representative critical museological discourse?

How can ICOM and ICTOP better engage the concerns of the BRICS countries, the Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the new UN post 2015 Development Agenda?

What are the implications of the SDGs for curriculum and the educational work of the profession?
How does an inclusive and sustainable museology work in capacity building?


The Committee invites 15-20 minute papers (talks) related to how the museum/heritage profession and professional development has/can address sustainability through the lens of inclusion, capacity building, and appropriate or progressive museology in action. Those who may be interested should submit an 80 word proposal along with a 30 word resume for review by July 25, 2014, to: Darko Babic, Ph. D., University of Zagreb, ICTOP Treasurer, dbabic(at) cc ictop2014(at)


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