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Sharing Cultures 2013

24-26 July 2013

Aveiro, Portugal | Cultural and Conference Centre


The 3rd International Conference on Intangible Heritage follows the path established by the previous Conference on Intangible Heritage (Sharing Cultures 2009 and 2011) and aims at pushing further the discussion on Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), under the main topics proposed by the UNESCO Convention adding some new field of discussion, namely on what concerns management and promotion of ICH, educational matters and musealization (please refer to the list of Topics).
The concept of ICH gained its rightful place among the scientific community during the last decade and a significant amount of work has been done by a large number of researchers, academics and practitioners, leading to the recognition of ICH as fundamental piece for the comprehension of human societies, organisations and ways of living. Accordingly, scientific events that gather scholars, researchers and academics with on-going work on ICH are privileged moments to share experiences, problems, questions and conclusions. Sharing Cultures 2013 aims at being one of those events.
As in its previous edition Sharing Cultures 2013 will include a number of workshops promoting some hands-on experience to all Delegates who will have the opportunity to learn traditional know-how from its owners and practitioners.
Authors intending to submit papers to Sharing Cultures 2013 are encouraged to address one of the topics of the Conference by providing evidence of ongoing research work.
The Conference will welcome papers and presentations on field work, case studies and theoretical approaches to ICH.
  1. Oral traditions and expressions
    Under "Oral traditions and expressions" Authors may present research work on language and communication, mainly if considered as means to express or transmit intangible cultural heritage.
  2. Performing arts
    "Performing arts" will accommodate all contributions on music (instrumental and human voice), dance and theatre in their traditional, classical, ethnographic, or other forms.
  3. Social practices
    The topic of "Social practices" will include all forms of social intercourse, corresponding to day-to-day life activities, rituals (religious or non-religious) and festive events that mark the way of life of a certain human group; under this topic gastronomy will also have a place.
  4. Traditional craftsmanship
    "Traditional craftsmanship" will gather contributions on various forms of material production, having in mind that all material culture has an intangible meaning and that the "know-how" is it-self intrinsically intangible.
  5. Management and promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage
    Under "Management and promotion of intangible cultural heritage" Authors are invited to share their experience and research related to the actual management and promotion of ICH elements, such as evidence and documentation.
  6. Intangible Cultural Heritage and education
    "Intangible cultural heritage and education" is previewed to add substantial value to the discussion of educational opportunities for ICH elements, to report on experiences and field work relating ICH elements and national curricula and to present theoretical work and research that relates ICH and educational aims and goals.
  7. Musealization of Intangible Cultural Heritage
    The topic "Musealization of intangible cultural heritage" intends to open the discussion on how, when and where ICH elements are to me "musealized". Objectives and means of such actions and correspondent results are also under analysis. Furthermore, it intends to promote the discussion on the possibility (or not) of "freezing" an ICH element within the boundaries of musealization.
  8. Special Chapter: Maritime Intangible Cultural Heritage
    Under this special chapter all contributions on ICH related to maritime activities are welcome. From the know-how of building a traditional boat to the fisheries and related knowledge, from the arts of sailing to the shore activities, all research connecting ICH to maritime heritage will be welcome. This special chapter has a particular meaning in Sharing Cultures 2013 as the Venue is Aveiro, a city with deep-routed connections to the ocean. From a distant past up to the present Aveiro is a Sea city both economically, socially and culturally.
  • Submission of abstracts: December 31, 2013
  • Notification of abstracts acceptance: January 31, 2013
  • Submission of full papers: April 15, 2013
  • Notification of papers acceptance: May 31, 2013
  • Submission of revised papers: June 20, 2013
  • Presenters registration (Pack A) and ERS Reduced Fee: June 30, 2013 (Early registration); July 10, 2013 (Late Registration)
  • Attendants registration (Pack B) and Reduced Fee (Pack C): No deadline
  • Conference: July 24-26, 2013



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