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Understanding the Migrant Experience

25-26 June 2012

Swansea, United Kingdom | Swansea University, Centre for Migration Policy Research


The conference, promoted by Swansea University’s Centre for Migration Policy Research (CMPR), is dedicated to postgraduate students researching migration and the experiences of migrants to explore the seminar themes in more detail and to showcase their work.
Professor Heaven Crawley, Director of the CMPR at the College of Science, said: “I hope that the conference will also contribute to broader academic and policy discussions, increasing awareness and understanding of the migrant experience and its importance in policy making and political debates.
“I also invite postgraduate student to submit papers on all aspects of the migrant experience. Papers can be from postgraduate students at all stages of their research, across all academic disciplines and interdisciplinary contributions are particularly welcome.”

The conference themes are:

What is the ‘migrant experience’? Theorising the concept

Methodological issues in researching the migrant experience

• The role of gender, age, class and race in shaping ‘the migrant experience’

• The arts as a tool for understanding the experience of migrants

• The politics of representation

How the migrant experience can inform the policy making process

Different aspects of migrant experience, for example, the journey, immigration processes, detention and integration

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