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27-28 June 2013

London, United Kingdom | University College London


The conference, promoted by the School of European Languages, Culture and Society and the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, is meant to investigate themes of unity and disunity through the contributions of scholars across a wide spectrum of disciplines. Explorations will range from historical as well as contemporary sources from Europe and beyond, from any disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspective.

Contrinutions will include papers, performances, artistic installations and workshops. The aim of the conference is to interrogate the concepts of unity and disunity from a variety of perspectives. These perspectives will might encompass the following area:

● Does unity mean homogenisation or the harmonious coexistence of different voices?
● Does disunity mean opposition and conflict, or is it a space for creative difference?
● How have models of unity and disunity, of order and chaos, influenced creative works?
● What fractures and disunities exist within apparent unity?

Contributions will deal with the theme of unity/disunity as a concept in itself, or with unity/disunity in relation to other topics, including but not limited to:

● Identity/cultural heritage 
● Creativity & the arts
● Language
● Religion, ethics and morality
● International/regional politics
● The global economy
● Interdisciplinarity as a discipline
● Physical/psychological space

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