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We Are Museums

5-6 June 2014

Warsaw, Poland | Zachęta - National Gallery of Art & State Ethnographic Museum

The conference "We Are Museums" is a 2-day event mixing lecturesworkshopexhibitions and performances, addressed to scholars and practitioners interested in museum culture and digital issues. A lineup of leading experts and pioneers in the museum and digital world will be discussing on how to create a new way of living museums, constantly evolve in response to their environment and audiences

The panel of speakers include:

- Emmanuel Rouiller (FR). Mosquito (Paris, Fr).Interactive and UI designer, founder of Mosquito.
- Maria Adamiec (PL). Orange Foundation (PL). Cultural education program coordinator - Orange Academy.
- Juliusz Barwik (PL). Historical Museum of Warsaw (PL). Marketing and Promotion.
- Sacha Bertram (DE). pARtcours (Munich, DE). Founder of pARtcours.
- Martina Bachmann (DE). pARtcours (Munich, DE). Founder of pARtcours.
- Silvia Filippini-Fantoni (US). Indianapolis Museum of Art (US). Director of the Interpretation, Media and Evaluation department.
- Zuzanna Stanska (PL). Moiseum (Warsaw, PL). Founder of Moiseum.
- Neil Bates (NL). Europeana Foundation (NL). Marketing Specialist.


Registration for the conference is essential and is now open on the museum website.


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