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Young Scenographers Contest

7-8- May 2015

Graz, Austria


The Young Scenographers Contest is an international, trans-disciplinary design competition promoted within the Research Project EuroVision: Museums Exhibiting Europe (EMEE), a European museum development project for national and regional museums, funded by the Culture Programme of the European Union in November 2012 and aimed at exploring interdisciplinary approaches for museums to re-interpret their objects in a broader context of European and transnational history.

The Young Scenographers Contest is dedicated to the development of the theme “One Object – Many Visions – EuroVisions”. Its goal is the definition of new transcultural approaches to present regional objects in a European dimension via contemporary, content consistent exhibition design and new formats of presentation. The target of the contest is addressed to international teams, cooperations or students and young professionals of scenography, architecture, design, interior design, communication design and other creative disciplines as well as museology, museum and cultural studies. Participation is not restricted to special fields or universities.

The interested designers are invited to contribute with their creative ideas and develop innovative design concepts within the idea of “Change of Perspective”, for a multi-perspective, synaesthetic presentation of museum objects. The deadline for the submission is November 28th. The registration and application is free of charge, but the selected projects will receive prizes and the opportunity to present it to an international public within a touring exhibition through Europe.

The Young Scenographers Contest will be opened with the international Scenographers Symposium, that will take place at the October 31st at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart. This event will serve as a discussion platform and source for inspiration. The partners of the EMEE Project will introduce the topic and the aim of the contest and internationally renowned speakers from different creative disciplines will be invited to contribute and to exchange ideas of contemporary, holistic exhibition design and scenography.


Contest's timeline:

Registration for competition: September 1st - November 28th 2014
Scenographers symposium: October 31st 2014
Online submission: January 30th 2015
Physical submission: February 4th - 13th 2015
Jury Meeting and results: February 20th - March 6th 2015
Awards ceremony and exhibition: May 7th - 8th 2015


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