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Cristina Colombo


Cristina F. Colombo
Politecnico di Milano - DPA
Post-doc Research Fellow


Cristina F. Colombois an architect and Ph.D. in Interior Architecture and Exhibition Design (Politecnico di Milano). Her Doctoral Thesis, entitled Art Galleries as a Dynamic Space: Display, Exhibition and Promotion of Contemporary Art, focuses on the historical evolution of the interiors of commercial art galleries committed to promoting the most advanced artistic expressions, from their birth in the second half of the XIX century to nowadays.
She is assistant lecturer of Prof. Luca Basso Peressut in Interior Architecture and Museography courses since 2007, being involved in several didactic activities and national or international research projects.
She is member of the editorial board of the architectural web-magazine vistalaterale, promoted by Faculty of Architecture, “Federico II” di Napoli.
In October 2007-January 2008 she had been a lecturer at a cycle of conferences on the theme of contemporary museums at Daverio Public Library (Varese).


Selected publications:

Colombo, Cristina F. 2012. “Gallerie d’arte. Storie di interni tra cultura e mercato”. In Cristina F. Colombo e Chiara Lecce, a cura di. Mostrare, Esporre, Comunicare, 56-71. Rimini: Maggioli Editore, 2012.

Colombo, Cristina. 2011. “Gallerie d’arte. Esposizione e promozione dell’arte contemporanea.” In Il paesaggio. Gli interni/Landscape. Interior. ReteVitruvio I International Congress “Architectutal design between teaching and research” conference proceeding2555-2564. Bari: PolibaPress, Arti Grafiche Favia.

Colombo, Cristina. 2010. “Words.” In Interior Worl(l)ds **. IFW2010Interiors Forum World 2010 “Interior Wor(l)ds” conference proceedings32-33. Milano: Allemandi Editore.