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Davide Spallazzo


Davide Spallazzo
Politecnico di Milano - INDACO
Designer and Ph.D. Candidate


Graduate in Industrial Design and Ph.D. candidate in Design for the Valorisation of Cultural Heritage at INDACO Dpt. of Politecnico di Milano, Davide Spallazzo carries out his research focusing on the use of mobile technology in CH field. In particular he’s studying mobile gaming as a means to stimulate social engagement and to foster novel learning models during CH visit. He has been involved in several research projects concerning the use of virtual and augmented reality for urban planning, historic monuments and archives.


Selected publications:

Ceconello, Mauro, and Davide Spallazzo. 2010. "Valorisation of the Design Process. Digitisation as a Means of Conservation and Knowledge." in Euromed 2010. Digital heritage. 41-46. Budapest: Archaeolingua.

Ceconello, Mauro, and Davide Spallazzo. 2010. "Virtual Reality for the Exploitation of Houses and Historical Gardens. The Example of Villa Arconati." in 11th VAST International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaelogy, and Cultural Heritage. 37-40. Paris: Eurographic Association.

Spallazzo, Davide, Raffaella Trocchianesi, and Alessandra Spagnoli. 2009. "Il museo come organismo sensibile (Museum as living body)." Paper presented at AICA2009, Roma.

Ceconello, Mauro, and Davide Spallazzo. 2008. "Virtual Reality for Enhanced Urban Design." Paper presented at 5th INTUITION International Conference, Torino.