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Eleonora Lupo


Eleonora Lupo
Politecnico di Milano - INDACO
Assistant professor


Eleonora Lupo is Assistant professor at Politecnico di Milano, Ph.D. in Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication at the Indaco Dept. of Politecnico di Milano in 2007. MA degree in 2001 in Industrial Design at the Design Faculty, Politecnico di Milano. In 2008 Visiting Researcher and Lecturer at the School of Design Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her research interests are focused on the innovative role of design as strategic and community centred approach for the enhancement and activation of tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage, in particular: design processes, strategies and techniques improving sustainable cultural heritage
awarenes  and development, and also implementing local knowledge and creative and artistic activities. Over the years, she has participated to many research programs and attended several International Conferences ( Currently teaching at the School of Design of Milano Politecnico (


Selected recent publications:

Lupo, Eleonora. 2009. International Summer School. Designing Connected Places. Milano: Editrice Compositori.

Lupo, Eleonora. 2009. Il design per i beni culturali. Pratiche e processi innovativi di valorizzazione. Milano: FrancoAngeli.

Lupo, Eleonora. 2009. Il sistema Design Italia e la valorizzazione dei beni culturali. Milano: Polidesign.