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Lucia Parrino


Lucia Parrino
Politecnico di Milano, INDACO, Italy

Lucia Parrino is Ph.D. candidate in Design for Cultural Heritage. After graduating in “Economics and Management  of Cultural Heritage and Performing Arts”, she received a Master in “Tourism, Territory and Local Development” (Faculty of Sociology). She has participated in local and international research projects concerning different themes: creative-knowledge workers, immigrant integration, social aspects of public art. Her research interests range from cultural heritage and intercultural dynamics to the themes of culture, creativity and innovation in contemporary cities and regions.



Academic publications
Enzo Mingione, Francesca Zajczyk, Elena dell’Agnese, Silvia Mugnano, Marianna d’Ovidio, Carla Sedini and Lucia Parrino (2010) Policies and strategies in the Metropolitan Region of Milan. How to enhance the city’s competitiveness. ACRE report WP10.12. Amsterdam: AISSR.

Lucia Parrino and Carla Sedini (2010) Isola: which interventions for which creativity?. Poster for Final ACRE conference, 27-29 May 2010, Barcelona.

Other publications
Lucia Parrino (2009) Cose buone dalla Lombardia. Le sane pratiche dell'integrazione in Giuseppe Civati (2009) Regione straniera. Viaggio nell'ordinario razzismo padano. Milano: Melampo Editore.