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Mariella Brenna


Mariella Brenna
Politecnico di Milano - DPA
Assistant Professor


Marriella Brenna is Assistant Professor of Interior Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, School of Architecture and Society, Department of Architectural Design (DPA). She graduated in 1990 with a thesis on museum and building refurbishment (supervisor Prof. F. Drugman). From 1992 to 2000 she was post-doctoral fellow of the Chair of Exhibition Design and Museography and took part in researches carried out by MURST and the Faculty of Architecture. In 2000 she held a research scholarship for the project “Museum of Labour”. Between 2001 and 2005 she worked in the Department of Architectural Design, first as a temporary teacher of Museography, Museology and Criticism of Arts and Restoration, and later as a regular teacher of Architectonic Planning. She developed in association with Prof. L. Basso Peressut projects for museum exhibitions in Milan and Lodi. She has also taught courses for museum operators and conducted researches on museum standards on behalf of the IRER Lombardia.


Selected publications:

Brenna, Mariella, Lola Ottolini, and Viviana Saitto. 2010. Interiors Wor(l)ds Vol. 2. Torino: Allemandi.

Drugman, Fredi. 2010. Lo specchio dei desideri. Antologia sul museo. Edited by Mariella Brenna. Bologna: Clueb.

Brenna, Mariella, Fredi Drugman, and Luca Basso Peressut. 2002. Il museo della cultura Politecnica. Luoghi del sapere, spazi dell’esporre. Milano: Unicopli.