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Michela Bassanelli


Michela Bassanelli is an Architect, PhD in Interior Architecture and Exhibition Design at Politecnico di Milano. She teaches architecture at the School of Architecture and Society of the Politecnico di Milano as Adjunct Professor. Her doctoral thesis, entitled The Form of Memory: Beyond the Memorial. Representing, narrating, communicating the Conflict Heritage, focuses on the evolution of cultural spaces of remembrance related to some dramas of the Twentieth Century in Europe. She published several books and paper on this topic. Since 2011 she has been collaborating to several national or international research projects. Bassanelli’s research focuses mainly on museography and on preserving and diffusing collective memory and cultural identity and on domestic interiors (questioning relations among cultures of dwelling, domestic architecture and modernity).

Selected publications:

Bassanelli, Michela. 2015. Oltre il memoriale. Le tracce, lo spazio, il ricordo, Milano: Mimesis.
Bassanelli, Michela, Postiglione, Gennaro (eds) 2013. Re-Enacting the past. Museography for Conflict Heritage, Siracusa: LetteraVentidue.
Bassanelli, Michela. 2014. “Beyond Memorialistion”, in Beyond Memorialisation. Design for Conflict Heritage, Bassanelli, Michela, Gravano, Viviana, Grechi, Giulia and Gennaro Postiglione (eds.), 11-20, Milano: Politecnico di Milano.