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Raffella Trocchianesi


Raffaella Trocchianesi
Politecnico di Milano - INDACO
Assistant Professor


Raffaella Trocchianesi is Architect and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Design of Politecnico di Milano (dept. INDACO); her main research topics are interior design, communication & design for valorisation of the cultural heritage: in these specific field she has national and international experiences. Since 2004 she is on the Board of the Politecnico’s Ph.D. in “Design and Technology for the valorisation of cultural heritage”. She participated to the funded national researchME.Design. Strategies, tools and operation of industrial design to enhance and strengthen the resources of the Mediterranean Area between the local and global” (Prin, 2001-2003) and to the national research “D_Cult The design for the valorisation of cultural heritage. Strategies, tools and methodologies of project” (Prin, 2004-2006).
Currently she’s assistant coordinator of the Prin national research “Design of Cultural Heritage between history, memory and knowledge. The “Intangible”, the “Virtual”, the “Interactive” as project matters in the time of crisis”. She’s assistant coordinator of Research Unit “Design of Cultural Heritage” of dept.


Selected publications:

Trocchianesi, Raffaella. 2010. Design e valorizzazione del territorio. Un percorso: nuove definizioni e terminologie, sintesi visive, narrazioni.” in La semiotica e il progetto 2. spazi, oggetti, interfacce,  Cinzia Bianchi, Federico Montanari and Salvatore Zingale (eds). Milano: FrancoAngeli.

Trocchianesi, Raffaella, et aliae. 2010. A Virtual Museum for Design - New forms of interactive fruition.” in Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia. 242-249.

Trocchianesi, Raffaella, and Flaviano Celaschi. 2004. Design & Beni Culturali. La cultura del progetto nella valorizzazione del bene culturale. Milano: Polidesign.