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Rhiannon Mason


Rhiannon Mason
Newcastle University - ICCHS
Senior Lecturer


Rhiannon Mason is a Senior Lecturer in Museum, Gallery, and Heritage Studies at the International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies (ICCHS), Newcastle UniversityHer research and teaching interests focus on national museums and heritage, history curatorship, identity, memory, and new museology.

Rhiannon is the author of the book Museums, Nations, Identities: Wales and its National Museums (University of Wales Press, 2007) and has published widely in the area of museum studies. She has led several publicly funded research projects which bring together museological research and museum practice, for example, on the development of a new permanent display at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle and on the topic of copyright and informed consent in museum, gallery and heritage participatory projects.

Rhiannon is currently working on issues of globalisation, postnationalism, and cosmopolitanism and the implications for national museums. In her work, she aims to connect theoretical debates with practical concerns and her teaching and research projects frequently involve collaborating with heritage sector professionals. She is the co-investigator on Work Package 1 of the MeLA project.


Selected publications:

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