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Susannah Eckersley


Susannah Eckersley
Newcastle University - ICCHS

Susannah Eckersley is a Lecturer in Museum, Gallery and Heritage Studies in the International Centre for Cultural Heritage Studies at Newcastle University and has also taught on BA modules in Art History and Architecture at Newcastle.

Her research interests are interdisciplinary and span the full breadth of what is understood as 'heritage' (in other words museums, galleries, tangible and intangible heritage). Within this she has particular specialist knowledge and interests in: German art and architecture; cultural policy; museum architecture; museology; economic and social regeneration; built heritage; difficult histories (in particular in relation to German history); migration, diversity and representation. One commonality for her between these diverse interests is that they all encompass the wider issue of the relationship between heritage, culture and history and the state.

Susannah has previously worked in museums, archives and heritage sites, and in the commercial cultural sector, often making use of her fluent German.

Selected publications:

Whitehead C, Eckersley S, Mason R. (2012 in press) Placing Migration in European Museums: Theoretical, contextual and methodological foundations. Milan: MeLA Books

Eckersley, S. C. (2012) ‘Opening the doors to hold the fort: the museum and instrumental cultural policy in 19th century Britain and Germany’, Museum History Journal 5:1

Eckersley, S.C. (2008) ‘Policy Review “Supporting Excellence in the Arts: from measurement to judgement” ’, Cultural Trends 17:3, September 2008, 183-187

Eckersley, S.C. (also listed under Reid, S.C.) (2006) ‘(Re) creating positive cultural landscapes in Germany: the role of iconic museum buildings’, electronic proceedings of a paper presented at: Forum UNESCO Cultural Landscapes in the 21st Century Conference, Newcastle 11-16.04.2005:

Reid, S.C. (2005) ‘Visite du Musée juif de Berlin’, Les cahiers du judaïsme, Sommaire 2004-2005, Numero 17:109-120 (First published in Museologie Online, October 2001: