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MeLa Research Field 01 Final Brochure: Museums & Identity in History and Contemporaneity

Research Field
Author Research Field 01
Category Document
Publication date March 2014
What are the relationships between places, peoples and identities? How are these relationships represented in museums and how does this relate to the experiences of visitors? Should museums’ representational practices regarding people-place relations are changing and/or should change, and if so how? These are some of the questions that are investigated in Research Field 01: Museums and Identity in History and Contemporaneity. Researchers analysed key displays in numerous European museums as well as interviewing staff and audiences in order to understand how and why museums develop such displays and how visitors, including those with migrant backgrounds, respond to them. Migration has inevitable connections with some of the most pressing issues in European societies, such as the mobility of people, multiculturalism, diversity, equality of opportunity and social cohesion or division. Museums have the potential to play an important role in exploring these issues. This research builds on existing work in museums to develop ideas for responsible and thought-provoking practice that can have a positive impact on society.

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