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MeLa ResearchField 03 Final Brochure: Network of Museums, Libraries and Public Cultural Institutions

Research Field
Author Research Field 03
Category Document
Publication date May 2014
MeLa Research Field 03 Network of Museums, Libraries and Public Cultural Institutions (RF03) aims to leverage the power of cultural networks, for supporting European cultural institutions to better address contemporary challenges of globalisation, mobility, migrating heritage and cultural dialogue, and the use of Information and Communication Technologies. Desk and field research activities included several real-life case studies, surveys and interviews with scholars and practitioners, meetings with stakeholders and policy makers, an international workshop and an international conference, and various publications.The brochure offers an overview of the emergence of migrating heritage and the changing landscape of cultural networking. MeLa RF03 expectation is these findings and recommendations will support an increasingly transnational and transdisciplinary cultural networking across museums, libraries and public cultural institutions, policy makers, European Commission and government officials, in Europe and beyond.

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