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MeLa Research Field 02 Final Brochure: Cultural Memory, Migrating Modernity and Museum Practices

Research Field
Author Research Field 02
Category Document
Publication date April 2014
The scope of Mela Research Field 02, investigating "Cultural Memory, Migrating Modernity and Museum Practices," is that of exploring the complex interactions between the cultural formations of memory, belonging and contemporary museum practices in the light of migration. Researchers analysed the emerging cultural debate on the historical nature and contemporary sense of the museum through study and field work in diverse European localities and institutions. Given the crucial role that museums have played in narrating national identities and cultural belonging, the research has brought to the surface the difficulties faced in registering and exhibiting histories that tend to be excluded or marginalised in existing understandings of modernity. Here, the recovery or archaeology of unregistered histories lead the research to reconsider the role and potential changes that the museum could promote as a social and political actor. These questions are subsequently advanced in the research profile through considering the more extensive and multilateral impact of existing museum practices in addressing, directly and indirectly, comprehension of civic interaction and citizenship. The research leads to proposing a series of critical suggestions, in both perspective and practices, organised around the perceived limits and possibilities of the present-day European museum.

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