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Advancing Museum Practices

Research Field
Authors Francesca Lanz, Elena Montanari
Category Books
Publication date October 2014
Lanz, Francesca, and Elena Montanari, eds. 2014. Advancing Museum Practices. Turin: Allemandi.

The volume is aimed at giving voice to a selection of innovative practices which are currently being experimented and planned by some major European museums, enhancing their approach towards contemporary multi-cultural societies. By responding to the challenges posed by accelerated mobility and demographic flows, the layerisation and fragmentation of identities, and the augmented movement of information, ideas and cultures through new technologies and media, these museums are going through a profound transformation, both as cultural spaces as well as physical places. The book intends to depict an overview of the revision of contemporary museums’ mission, strategies and tools, by presenting the museologic and museographic practices which are fostering this evolution through the words of the directors and curators who are conceiving and promoting them.
With contributions by: CÈcile Aufaure, Luca Basso Peressut, Richard Benjamin, Peter Bjerregaard, Christoph Bongert, Pierangelo Campodonico, Bambi Ceuppens, Denis Chevallier, Alexandre Delarge, Angela Jannelli, Vito Lattanzi, HÈlËne du Mazaubrun, Marie Poinsot, Cathy Ross, Michel Rouger, Ramzi Tadros, Sonja Thiel.

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