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MeLa Research Field 04 Final Brochure: Curatorial and Artistic Research

Research Field
Author Research Field 04
Category Document
Publication date July 2014
How are globalisation, digital media and changing patterns of migration changing our understanding and experience of the contemporary work of art, and how are contemporary artists engaging with curators to think about the condition of the contemporary through their work, its display and collection? How are curators working with new forms of artistic production, particularly non object-based practices of making, that fall outside of conventional modernist forms of display, collection and archive? These are some of the questions examined by Research Field 04, led by the Curating Contemporary Art Programme at the Royal College of Art in London, and outlined in this brochure. Reflecting on the challenges and opportunities of current curatorial and artistic practice, the research highlights areas of museum practice and organisation that are still rooted in the 20th century and urgently need reconsidering to ensure the cultural relevance and vibrancy of museums of modern and contemporary art in the 21st century.

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