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MeLa Publications

The MeLa editorial activity promotes the widespread use of the advancement of knowledge produced by the Project. Special policies have been agreed by the Consortium Partners in order to guarantee a high open access level to all Project products, and in particular to make publications readable and downloadable.
In this page, you can find a selection of MeLa related documents, and the articles, papers and books produced by the Consortium members within the MeLa Project, which will be available free of charge whenever possible and, in any case, at least in their executive summary.

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License.


The MeLa*Books Series


>> Access the series of open-access digital publications which report the main findings ensued from the research activities developed by the different MeLa Research Fields.



  • The Ruined Archive

    Chambers, Iain Giulia Grechi, and Mark Nash. eds. 2014. The Ruined Archive. Milan: Politecnico di Milano.

    The essays in this volume circulate in the constellation of cultural, postcolonial and museum studies to propose a series of intersecting perspectives promoting critical responses to this ongoing interrogation. Memory, the archive, and the politics of display, are unwound from their institutional moorings and allowed to drift into other, frequently non-authorised, accounts of time and space. Called upon to negotiate unplanned encounters with unsuspected actors and the obscured sides of modernity, the museum becomes an experimental space, a laboratory for a cultural democracy yet to come.
    With contributions by: Fernanda Albuquerque, Chiara Baravalle, Giuseppe Biscottini, Francisco Cabanzo, Iain Chambers, Maria Iñigo Clavo, Lidia Curti, Alessandra De Angelis, Beatrice Ferrara, Jessica Fiala, Giulia Grechi, Celeste Ianniciello, Jan-Erik Lundström,Olga Fernández López, Mark Nash, Mariangela Orabona, Claire Pajaczkowska, Michaela Quadraro, Elizabeth Stanton.

    The Ruined Archive Iain Chambers, Giulia Grechi, Mark Nash - Books - June 2014 Fd02 Document more
  • What dust will rise? Il museo sotto assedio (o in esodo…)

    The latest issue of the online peer-reviewed journal Visual Ethnography includes an article by Giulia Grechi, research fellow at “L’Orientale”, cooperating to the enhancement of the MeLa Research Field 02, who offers a reading of an unsolved process about the role and the identity of contemporary museums, and their vocation as institutions devoted to citizen education. This role, in a difficult economic and cultural situation like the present one, is experiencing new unrests, but it is also experimenting new ways of discussing old questions, like representativeness and accessibility of the museum as a public place, heritage, citizenship and authority of museum narrations.

    The full paper can be read and downloaded via the website of the Visual Ethnography journal. In order to access it, open the following link, register to the "online submission" and log-in.

    What dust will rise? Il museo sotto assedio (o in esodo…) Giulia Grechi - Essays - July 2013 Fd02 Document more