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Digital Urban History

29th May 2012

Turin, Italy | Castello del Valentino, Salone d'Onore

The conferenceorganized by the Department of Architecture and Design at Politecno di Torino, aims at investigating how the history of the city is represented and narrated in a digital scenario.

The urban history is a crossroads and a plot of many other stories which intersect a narrative framework that can’t be separated from the physical substance of the city, and therefore from the history of its construction, nor from the representations that have shown, envisioned or imagined its transformations over time. Opened museums of the city together with the restructuring of older ones with interactive and multimedia itineraries, and with other projects under way in several cities, demonstrates the interest of an increasingly wider audience for the history of the city. To this purpose the use of digital representation systems and of communication technologies can be much more than the simple transfer on a new support of historical research, but can rather represent a real challenge for a form of innovative transfer of research.

The meeting, in publicizing the results of the Research Project of National Interest 2008 “Built City, Planned City, Virtual City: the Museum of the City”, intends to open a debate among national and international scholars to discuss on the “digital humanities” and to explore forms of digital representation of the history of the city aimed at a wide and easily accessible fruition.


The event is organized by Professor Rosa Tamborrino, within the 'Festival of Architecture - Architecture in the city 2012'.


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