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Seminar: Envisioning 21st Century Museums

31st May

Copenhagen, Denmark | Post and Tele Museum


 Envisioning 21st Century Museums, MeLa_RF06 Internal Research Meeting and public Seminar

On 31st May, the Copenhagen Post and Tele Museum hosted the second MeLa Research Meeting promoted within the Research Field 06. The meeting was concluded by the second MeLa public Seminar.
These events aimed at presenting the Project, reporting about preliminary research findings, enhancing dialogue amongst MeLa researchers, external scholars and pratictioners, and providing further stimuli for the subsequent phases of the research.

In the morning, during the internal Research Meeting, each Research Field Leader presented the ongoing research activites, while a panel of selected experts commented on the contents.
In the afternoon, the public Seminar presented the MeLa Project, its topics, tasks, and objectives to a wider audience, and was enriched by a key note presentation and a conclusive Round Table. MeLa Partners debated with the public and the invited experts, who actively contributed to the discussion by reporting about their experiences and addressing specific questions to the MeLa scholars.

The Experts Panel was composed by:

  • Richard Benjamin, from the National Museums Liverpool (key note)
  • Jan-Erik Lundström, Director of the Sami Center of Contermporary Art
  • Peter Leese, Associate Professor of British History and Contemporary Britain, at the Copenhagen University.
  • Henrik Lübker, Curator at the Odense City Museums;
  • Mette Houlberg Rung, art educator at the National Gallery of Denmark;
  • Joachim Baur, Independent curator at Die Exponauten and museum consultant;
  • Jette Sandhal, Director of the Museum of Copenhagen;
  • Giovanni Pinna, Director of the magazine “Nuova Museologia”;
  • Richard Benjamin, Head of the International Slavery Museum, Museum of Liverpool.

The participation to the Seminar was free of charge.