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Today's Museums: Interdisciplinary Approaches

24-27 September 2012

Wuhan, China | Wuhan East Lake International Conference Center



International Council of Museums Asia-Pacific Alliance (ICOM-ASPAC) 2012 Assembly


Today's museums have operated in more opening-up manners: open to various types of heritage, diversity of people, different disciplines as well as new media and technologies etc. It formulates one of the features of current development in the museum sector, and challenges and inspires our profession. ICOM ASPAC 2012 will bring ICOM family members in Asia and the Pacific Region together to discuss how today's museums in are dealing with the interdisciplinary issues.


Call for Papers

The Organizational Committee invites papers for keynote speeches and panel sessions at the ICOM-ASPAC 2012 Assembly. All papers and presentations will be delivered in Chinese or English

All papers must be submitted by July 30th, 2012. To submit:

  1. Please submit your paper to and get a confirmation letter.
  2. Once your paper is accepted, you will receive a notification.
  3. Upon receiving the notification of acceptance, the author will be invited to register for the assembly.
  4. The author may also be invited to prepare a 20-minute presentation for keynote speech or a 15-minute one for panel session. Again, please note that all papers and presentations will be delivered in Chinese or English.


Call for Posters

In order to add more flavor to the events at the ICOM-ASPAC Assembly in Wuhan on September 24th, 2012, we are happy to announce our call for posters introducing the participants' museums and institutions. All accepted posters will be printed in Wuhan, and displayed in designated space at the conference venue.

Aside from the posters, free pamphlets and brochures of your museum or institution are also welcome at the conference venue. We believe that such efforts help to broaden understanding among museums in Asia-Pacific region.
To submit a poster, please complete the application form and return it, together with the PDF file of your poster to:

The deadline for submitting your poster file: Aug. 1st, 2012.
For further information on how to submit your poster, please see Instructions on Poster Submission.



Please fill in  Registration Form and send it to before August 15, 2012. Your registration is valid upon reception of our Confirmation Letter. Any cancel of registration shall be made through written notification.



Wuhan Coordination Office (Logistic issues)
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Beijing Coordination Office (Academic issues)
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