European Commission - 7th Framework Programme European Museums and Libraries in/of the age of migrations last updated: February 2015

MeLa Network

MeLa Network is constituted by institutions and research groups specialized in the field of MeLa topics, and it will be constantly improved during the whole development of the Project. Being involved in the MeLa Network means to be part of a working network focused on the research results, to play an active part in the MeLa Project and:

• to be timely updated about research progresses, MeLa activities, publications and events related to MeLa;
• to attend MeLa International Events as keynote speakers or as invited speakers;
• to submit essays to our Call for Papers, to be invited to contribute to our books, and to receive free MeLa publications;
• to participate to our Brainstorming in order to exchange views and share knowledgte;
• to become venues for some MeLa events, such as exhibitions, workshops, meetings, etc.;
• to take part in the design experimentation and/or to become a case study for our desk and field research.

MeLa Network is articulated in three main sections:

Museums, Libraries and Galleries Network
is set up by institutions that join the Network independently, via our website. The members of this network may also become the location for MeLa events and/or a case study, and their staff could be involved in MeLa meetings, seminars and in other MeLa activties.

Scientific Community Network
is the section including research projects, academic research groups, research centres and other institutions that deal with MeLa topics. Members of this group could be selected by the MeLa staff and included in this group due to the relation of their research domains with MeLa topics, or they could send their application autonomously via our website. Beside the possibilities offered by taking part in the Network, it will be possible to explore and agree several additional kinds of cooperation in the research activities.

Individual & Independent Scholars Network
is a selected group of scholars and artists interested in MeLa topics,  who are invited by MeLa to contribute to the scientific aspects of the research in several ways (as keynote speakers, members of the panels for the review of books, Brainstorming participants, etc.).
Please notice that, though you may candidate yourself, the MeLa Project Management Board has to approve your candidacy in order to be effectively part of the MeLa Individual & Indipendent Scholars Network.

If you wish to apply, please send your application along with a brief presentation and a complete accademic CV.